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Wirecutter, a New York Times company, Provides Guidance on Navigating Formula Shortages and Renews Store Brand Formula as Top Pick in 2022.

New York Times Wirecutter Recommended The Best Baby Formula

Published April 2022

In a recent Wirecutter article entitled, “America Is Grappling With a Baby Formula Shortage. Here’s How to Navigate It” , New York Times product experts collaborated with physicians to identify solutions to recent formula shortages and recalls. Store Brand Infant Formula was suggested to help parents ensure their babies can receive complete nutrition. The benefits of Store Brand Infant Formula outlined in the article include:
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Store Brand infant formulas are nutritionally equivalent to their Name Brand counterparts and contain many of the latest innovations in infant nutrition.
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Store Brand Formula is subject to the same FDA standards for quality and nutrition as Name Brand options.
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Store brand infant formula gives families affordable, complete nutrition.
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Perrigo produces a variety of routine and tolerance formulas, as well as a hypoallergenic option for nearly every U.S. retailer.
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Published March 2021, Updated August 2022

Plus, another top recommendation! After spending 60+ hours reviewing and comparing more than 55 baby formulas, interviewing experts and reviewing more than 20 scientific studies, Wirecutter again named Perrigo Store Brand Infant Formula among its picks for “The Best Baby Formula”.

Upon analyzing all ingredients, the following were recommended as the best combination of evidence-backed benefits and value for families:

As stated within the Wirecutter article:

“Our {Wirecutter} experts were clear: All infant formula sold in the US and labeled for healthy babies is safe and will support normal growth and development from birth through 12 months. The FDA tightly regulates and monitors baby formula and has strict requirements for its nutrients, ingredients, composition, and manufacturing processes.”

Store Brand Infant Formulas offer complete nutrition and are highly regulated just like the more expensive name brands like Similac®and Enfamil®, making them a safe and affordable option for families. The article states: “Generic formulas are just as highly regulated as name-brand formulas, and often the differences are minor.”

Pediatricians like Dr. Anthony Porto and Dr. Jenny Thomas along with researchers like Bridget Young, PhD and Lars Bode, PhD were interviewed by Wirecutter to help develop the comprehensive recommendations. Here’s what they had to say:

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“Pediatricians Thomas and Porto both told us {Wirecutter} that parents should feel comfortable using store-brand or generic infant formulas because they contain all of the same FDA-required nutrients and ingredients as formulas made by Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber (whose brands can cost two to three times as much.)”
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Dr. Thomas says, “Switching from formula to formula is not a hardship on the baby.”
Read our switching study here.
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“Following the guidance of these experts and other medical sources, we {Wirecutter} considered these formula ‘extras’ to be just that: safe to consume, maybe nice to have, but not yet conclusively beneficial. These ingredients are one of the reasons the cost of formulas can vary so widely, but Young said you don’t need to stretch your budget for them.”
New York Times Wirecutter

Read the full article to learn more about:

  • What to know about baby formula
  • What is in baby formula
  • Understanding baby formula labels
  • Understanding European formulas
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*Up & Up Advantage Premium replaces Up & Up Advantage
Store brand infant formulas are not manufactured or distributed by the owners of registered trademarks Enfamil® and Similac®

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1Reflects an average consumption of 1.5lbs powder per week in the first year. Pricing, reconstitution rates and infant formula consumption may vary.
Based on Circana sales data April 2023.