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Food Insecurity and the Dangers
of Infant Formula Dilution

Tune in to the latest episode of the Contemporary Pediatrics Podcast, Food Insecurity and Dangers of Infant Formula Dilution. Dr. Steven Abrams discusses the risk associated with families experiencing food insecurity when it comes to infant nutrition and how to identify and talk to food insecure families.

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The Top Infant Formula Recommendations

After an extensive review of 55 infant formulas, Wirecutter, a New York Times company, names Perrigo Store Brand Infant Formulas among top recommendations.

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Published March 2021, Updated August 2022

The New Your Times Wirecutter
Infant Formula Aisle

Where does generic infant formula come from?

You can't put a price on health and nutrition. Store brand infant formulas offer complete nutrition just like the more expensive name brand options, and meet or exceed all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. It’s called formula for a reason™.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Store Brand Infant Formula is SNAP Eligible

You can help your patients stretch their dollar, not their formula.

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Perrigo has announced it is making a $170 million strategic investment to expand and strengthen its U.S. infant formula manufacturing by bolstering capacity and increasing access to safe, affordable formula for infants, parents and caregivers. As part of this strategic investment, Perrigo has purchased Nestlé’s Gateway infant formula plant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, along with the U.S. and Canadian rights to the Gerber® Good Start® and Good Start® infant formula brands.

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Who is Perrigo?

Perrigo is the private label manufacturer behind all U.S. store brand infant formulas. Since 1997, store brand formulas have been trusted by pediatricians, parents, and leading retailers, including Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, and Target. These stores sell store brand formulas under their own labels to caregivers across the country. Today, Perrigo produces a variety of routine and tolerance formulas to meet the needs of infants. These include milk-based, soy-based, partially hydrolyzed, reduced lactose, hypoallergenic and added rice starch infant formulas. Just like their name-brand counterparts, store brand formulas provide complete infant nutrition needed for growth and development. The FDA strictly governs the nutrition for all infant formula sold in the U.S., including specifying content of 29 nutrients, as well as packaging and labeling. Additionally, all infant formula manufacturers are required by the FDA to follow the same quality control procedures and analyze each batch of formula for required nutrients. In addition to the FDA and our own internal quality checks, many of our retail partners require regular quality inspections of our facilities throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process. After all, it is their name placed on the product.

Cow Our dairy ingredients are sourced from leading dairy markets including the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.
Factory Our powder infant formulas are manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities in Vermont and Ohio.
Store Perrigo is the private label manufacturer of all Store Brand Infant Formula at retailers nationwide.
Formula Whether a family shops at Target or Walmart, CVS or Walgreens, Amazon or Costco, they can be sure that all Store Brand Infant Formulas have met the same high-quality standards.
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"I tell every patient who isn’t nursing or who needs to supplement to get Store Brand Infant Formula. We personally used Target’s Up & Up brand. It was by far the best tolerated and least expensive. We were really happy with it."


Flushing, NY


Healthcare professionals share their experiences with Store Brand Infant Formula.

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Where to Buy

Store brand infant formula is available nationwide at major retailers, warehouse clubs, drug stores, and food markets.

Comforts for Baby at Kroger
Parent's Choice at Walmart
CVS Health at CVS
Little Journey at Aldi
Signature Care at Safeway
Signature Care at Albersons
Well Beginnings at Walgreens
Love and Care at Amazon
Always My Baby at Giant
HEB Baby at HEB
Meijer Baby at Meijer
Tippy Toes at Wegmans
Berkley Jensen at BJ's Wholesale
Home 360 Baby at Food Lion
Lidl at Lidl
Member's Mark at Sam's Club
Kirkland Signature Procare at Costco
Up&Up at Target
Comforts for Baby at Kroger

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Help Families Get Up to 8 Days1 of Store Brand Infant Formula for Free, After Rebate!

While we don’t flood your office with samples, we can help patients try store brand for free … you can request a rebate kit for your practice, which includes important product information for you, and 50 rebate tear-sheets worth up to $20 each to hand to your patients. This helps them get started experiencing complete nutrition with everyday savings provided by store brand infant formula.

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1Reflects an average consumption of 1.5lbs powder per week in the first year. Pricing, reconstitution rates and infant formula consumption may vary.
Based on Circana sales data April 2023.