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Helping Families Faced with Food Insecurity

baby drinks infant formula

Published September 2020

Before the COVID-19 crisis, our research showed that 99% of pediatricians have had families express concerns about the cost of infant formula.1 The economic downturn associated with the pandemic is triggering greater increases in food insecurity. Pediatricians are on the front lines, acting as a gateway in identifying and supporting struggling families.

Perrigo wants to help prepare you for the challenge. Here are some helpful tools that can educate parents and give them an immediate way to reduce their spending on infant formula.

  • Discuss alternatives: Many parents aren’t aware that store brand (or generic) infant formulas offer the same nutrition as name brands like Enfamil®, Similac® and Gerber®, but cost 50% less2. Have this eBook on hand to give parents valuable education on infant formula, including our buying guide.
  • Make the switch easier: One way to help parents find comparable store brand infant formulas is our buying guide poster. When parents see it at your practice, it makes it easier to identify store brands alternatives.
  • Get parents started: This free trial gives parents a rebate that covers the full price of the formula (up to $20 which can cover about 9 days of complete nutrition3). It’s an easy way for them to try store brand infant formula.

These challenging times require medical professionals to go above and beyond. We appreciate everything you do to keep families safe and healthy, and we hope these resources offer you a measure of support.

1Wakefield Research, (2019), Perrigo Formula for Safety Survey. 500 respondents.
2Calculations based on August 2020 IRi Market Advantage annual retail sales data of national brand infant formula powder compared to store brand infant formula powder cost per pound based on an average weekly usage of 1.5 pounds of powder.
3Reflects an average consumption of 26fl oz per day in the first year. Pricing, reconstitution rates and infant formula consumption may vary. Based on IRi Market Advantage sales data, August 2020.

Help Families Get Up to 8 Days1 of Store Brand Infant Formula for Free, After Rebate!

While we don’t flood your office with samples, we can help patients try store brand for free … you can request a rebate kit for your practice, which includes important product information for you, and 50 rebate tear-sheets worth up to $20 each to hand to your patients. This helps them get started experiencing complete nutrition with everyday savings provided by store brand infant formula.

Request Rebate Kit
Rebate Tearsheet Kit

1Reflects an average consumption of 1.5lbs powder per week in the first year. Pricing, reconstitution rates and infant formula consumption may vary.
Based on Circana sales data April 2023.